It is an open secret that many of the candidates available in the job market lack the required skills demanded by the corporates. It is challenging and daunting to recruit the right talent with right skills. As a result, companies spend considerably on imparting necessary training and upskilling their teams. These indirect costs have a big impact on their earnings and profitability.

To avoid and bypass this issue, our proprietary UpSkill ecosystem has evolved over time to help organizations and clients in this regard. Organizations usually hire strategic HR partners, who in turn hire candidates, train them and deploy them at client sites. The engagement models can be project-based, time-based or a combination of both.

Nexwave helps its global clients to do away with the hassles of recruiting sub-optimal candidates and spend additional money on training them. We take advantage of our proprietary UpSkill ecosystem to hire better candidates for the job, provide them the right training / upskilling and deploy them at our client sites – thus reducing the client’s burden in many ways. UpSkill has evolved over the years armed with the required resources, expertise and experience to deploy trained human resources at short notice.

Advantages of having Nexwave as your human resource partner: