The question today is not whether RPA can be widely adopted, rather the question is about the effectiveness of RPA implementation. Organizations have crossed the milestone of implementing basic bot automation and have also witnessed the teething troubles. Now clients are more focused on understanding effectiveness of their RPA strategy and whether it will churn out the desired results.

As RPA implementation is still in its nascent phase in terms of adoption rate, the human resources specialized in RPA implementation are rarer to find and recruit.

This is precisely where Nexwave comes into picture to help its clients in their RPA implementation projects. The two decades of recruitment expertise is leveraged to identify and recruit good quality human resources specialized in RPA. We not only help clients in recruiting RPA specialists, but can also reduce your costs through outsourced professional services.

We are open to work with you in any engagement model of your choice including: Resource Augmentation, HRO and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.