ERP implementation has come a long way – starting from implementing in large corporates to current implementation in small and medium businesses. Dynamics of implementation have changed from the initial days about decades ago. Today, ERP support for Real-Time Data and analytics is essential for companies to help them in their decision making.

More businesses have either connected or keen on connecting their marketing processes to their ERP solutions to reap the benefits of their marketing campaigns and measuring their effectiveness in real time. Further, organizations are preferring ERP solutions to have mobility in their approach and thanks to cloud technologies, it is being made possible to provide access to users on the go.

Nexwave plays a crucial role in ERP implementation projects by training and deploying the right talent to its clients and implementation partners.  Nexwave’s strength is to scale up quality human resources at short notice, who are essential for mission critical ERP implementation projects.

The impeccable track record in helping clients in their implementation projects talks volumes about Nexwave’s capabilities.