At its core, the IoT technology digitizes physical things and connects them with the virtual world.

It is estimated that by 2020, 24 billion IoT devices will be installed across the globe. With the rapid growth in smart devices, IoT has emerged as a mega vertical. At the turn of 2020, it is impacting infrastructure, defense, agriculture, retail, hospitality, healthcare, utilities, transportation, logistics, smart homes, and many other sectors.

IoT’s scope is expanding with the increase in Internet and mobile connectivity, low-cost sensors, and large investments.

However, the moderate numbers of qualified professionals in the field impact the implementation of IoT strategies of businesses.

We harness the power of social and professional networks to identify the talent that your organization needs. Since we give as much importance to the candidate’s fitment as we give to the technical skills, we tend to find the right candidate for every role.

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