BI is used to bring operational efficiencies, whereas DA is used to discover new revenue streams and predict future business trends.

Business Intelligence is backward-looking, uses structured historical data, and supports decision-making. On the other hand, Data Analytics is forward-looking, uses both unstructured historical and current data, and mostly a real-time service. Also, Data Analytics can be the base of predictive analytics.

The analytics positions are one of the toughest to fill in the US. A propensity of falling student enrollment in universities with mathematics and statistics and lack of analysts with business expertise are challenges in finding both full-time and part-time workforce.

In this scenario, our expert staffing team works with candidates across the US to bring you the best talent. Also, we connect with professional bodies that train and certify fresh talent.

To be successful, we do a lot. Or, probably we don't do much: We bring you and the candidate to sit at the table named giving.

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