At the turn of 2020, many organizations are focused on creating Narrow AI applications. The increased pace of AI development is propelled by Big Data, cloud computing, databases that can store unstructured data, and so on, are driving the development of these applications.

A Narrow AI application uses machine learning (learning based on structured data), deep learning (learning based on unstructured data), data mining, and pattern recognition techniques to learn from giant data sets, also known as Big Data.

The successful creation of Narrow AI applications such as chat bots, self-driving cars, facial recognition solutions is helping the world on the path to create Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This AI form can act like a human being.

The nascent AI industry also means a small workforce with the required skillsets. To recruit from such a small talent pool, you need an agile staffing partner who understands the sector’s trends, knows how to find the talent, and is trusted.

For our clients, we are a trusted advisor who works through their extensive networks and referral programs to match top talent with their staffing goals.

Unseen and unknown, we factor in our customers' project and organizational goals as well. Over a decade, we witnessed many sweet returns for this unexpected care.

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