The Utilities sector in the US employs 188,834 with nuclear, coal, and oil and gas sub-sectors employing about three-fifths of the workforce. In the next decade, the Utilities sector is looking at embracing modernization measures such as integrating renewables, reduced risk, lower operational costs, and reduced impact from natural disasters. The industry is also about to witness the convergence of Information Technologies and Operational Technologies (IT/OT), edge computing, and digital twin management.

With more than 50% of the staff slated for retirement by 2025 and need for modernization, the Utilities sector is looking for the infusion of a new generation of digitally-skilled workforce that can shoulder the responsibility of keeping the homes warm and the economy running.

Our recruiters follow the sector closely to continuously assess its IT staffing needs. Aided by our up-to-date databases and deep contacts in the industry, our recruitment consultants can make your IT staffing a breeze.

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