The past decade has seen continued investment in 4G networks, an explosion of Telco-OTTs providing communication and messaging services, and portfolio diversification. In the wake of these developments, maintaining margins has remained a challenge.

On the other hand, the 5G network has just debuted on the scene. There is no doubt that 5G can be a game-changer through speeding up data, increasing responsiveness, and connecting to multiple devices at once. Telemedicine, AR/VR apps, edge processing are some of the major shifts that can ride on 5G. Also, Telcos are looking at phenomenal data growth as the fourth industrial revolution takes over factory floors.

In the wake of the fundamental changes in operations, the telecom companies are focusing on customer experience, digital business models, and operational efficiencies during the next decade.

All of this is home to your telecom company. To drive the growth in such exciting times, it is important that you join hands with a staffing partner who is well-versed with the sector’s IT talent needs, growth patterns, and challenges. And we are one such staffing agency.

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