The Pharma sector is looking at a changing landscape at the turn of the new decade, 2020. The changes include a steep rise in R&D expenditure and models, emerging economies shifting the scales in sales and marketing, an increased focus on prevention, blurring primary and secondary healthcare lines, and varied markets of the developing world that need diverse regulatory and compliance needs. The global population is expected to rise to 7.6 billion and include 719.4 million in 2020, or 9.4% of the population aged above 65.

That is the magnitude of the market you are serving. To navigate the intricacies of this emerging landscape, you need highly capable talent. Hence, our healthcare and pharma staffing practice.

Our staffing services include four strategic areas.

With 100% customer retention, we have developed an in-house knowledge repository that houses the knowledge and practices of staffing for the US pharma sector.

Our staffing consultants with advanced degrees and experience in serving the pharma clients help your human resource needs in technology with the utmost care.

Every time…we hire a great candidate…because…every time…we hire…with elan.

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