The largest of the US manufacturing sectors, the automotive industry includes manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and maintenance subsectors.

The vibrant automotive sector contributes $953 billion to the US economy in auto sales, maintenance, tax revenue, and so on. Also, it employs 9.9 million people, coast to coast. (Auto Alliance)

With the fourth industrial revolution on the horizon, there is also a gaping talent gap. With the industry gearing for building connected and autonomous vehicles, the industry’s need for IT talent is skyrocketing.

We understand the acute need for top talent to help your company build the next generation automobiles.

The Automotive sector will need 115,000 people, including 45,000 mobility engineers in the next decade.

Therefore, we focus on bringing you the IT talent with inter-domain skills in computer and automobile engineering disciplines.

Our seasoned staffing consultants have the expertise and networks that help us understand and support your IT staffing needs.

Every time…we hire a great candidate…because…every time…we hire…with elan.

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